Auto Doors and Door motors

Saad Associates deals in Auto doors systems that offer a reliable solution, which suits kinds of places with its convenience, safety, energy etc. Reasonable man-machine interface, visible operation, simple debugging, so that it can run stable and silence.

Track part adopts aluminum engine box, and make the machine part and the electrical part into the whole module. Drive part to adopt DC brushless motor, gearbox adopts turbscrews, controlled by a microcomputer. Engine box can be installed directly in the wood door, aluminum door, steel door or wall, easy to install.

Designs Available:

  1. Sliding door
  2. Overlapping door
  3. Sliding and swinging door
  4. single open door
  5. airtight door
  6. folding door
  7. Right-Angled door
  8. curve door
  9. Hinge door & window

Door Operators:

We give predominant quality Door operators offer adaptability, security, and plan insight, covering a wide assortment of demanding applications. These systems give perfect speed and power to the automatic door opening and shutting while incorporating innovative electronics and self-learning microprocessor controls.

The robust and durable door is an electrohydraulic administrator in the exemplary custom. Reasonable for application in offices where overwhelming hustle and bustle is present, explicitly hospital corridor and busy retail location areas.






We also deal in Smart swing Gate operators and Smart Sliding Gate operators which can be used to operate house gates and at garages.


Swinging Gate